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Benefits for Sellers


BidAvio is free for the foreseeable future while will build "critical mass". Our pricing model will be refreshingly simple and affordable, think tens of dollars rather than hundreds or thousands!

All in One Place

List Everything you offer, all in one place. With categories including aircraft parts, STCs, Consumables, Repair services and more, for all aircraft types. BidAvio connects you to aviation buyers from around the world.

Any Time, Any Where

BidAvio is always on. Connect with any device (PC, Tablet ot Mobile) from anywhere in the world. Keep your listings up to date with a few simple clicks.

Reduce Risk

With extensive vetting of buyers, the verified symbol, star ratings, and reviews from previous transactions, BidAvio can help reduce your sales risks.


BidAvio enables you to accelerate your selling process. The BidAvio platform sends you RFQs automatically – you reply with your quotes and agree terms and clarify points.


BidAvio has an easy-to-use interface. Receive RFQs for your products and services, chat live, send & receive documents, and finalize deals online with a few clicks.

Increase your sales!

List your products and services for access to global customers.

Get notified whenever a buyer requests on your listings

Expand your opportunities and bid on requests in the categories you provide


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