Frequently Asked Questions

Can others see details of our Bid?
NO, all bid details are only visible to the requesting company
Can I access BidAvio from my mobile device?
Yes, BidAvio is designed to work with all devices.
What sort of requests can I make on BidAvio?
BidAvio is a complete solution to aid in the process of selecting suppliers and awarding contracts. You can use it to find Services, Spares, Training and even Personnel.
I notice BidAvio is free, will this always be the case?
Yes - our basic account plan is, and always will be FREE. For our other plan options see our pricing page for details.
I see BidAvio is a UK company, will Brexit affect you?
No, we are currently registered in the UK, but as an online platform our head office address is not so important. We are in the process of developing support teams in other regions as we grow the user base.
Are there plans to offer the platform in languages other than English?
Yes, we have a development roadmap which includes multiple language support, as well as many other features.